This is a view looking west from one of the bell towers of our church in the early 1960s.  Not long after this photo was taken, most of the buildings pictured were torn down to make room for the Lindsey Park Buildings, P.S. 250 and an expanded Lindsey Park (the ball-fields).  The intersection at the lower right side of the photo is the corner of Montrose Ave. and Leonard St.  The five story building in the center of the photo sat on the area that is now the P.S. 250 playground; the trees of the then smaller Lindsey Park are visible to the left just beyond that same building .  Note the skyscrapers of lower Manhattan in the upper right corner.

This photo was taken from nearly the same spot on May 19, 2005; the neighborhood has changed!

Fr. Timothy Dore, OFM Conv., lifts up the cross and proclaims “This is the wood of the cross, on which hung the Savior of the World . . . Come let us worship,” on Good Friday, March 31, 1994.

Fr. Ross Syracuse, OFM Conv., our pastor from 1988 until 1997, was well loved.  Here he lends a musical hand to our former organist/pianist, Rosemary Carter (who was with us for twenty-five years until she retired in February of 2005).

The Trinity Summer Fun School operated for several years in the ’90s.  Here is the group assembled on the steps of the church in 1997

After the tragic events of September 11, 2001, people of our neighborhood came to Trinity to pray and to mourn;  many left lighted candles in memory of those who died that day.  This temporary shrine outside of our church gave testimony to the great faith of our people, even in the face of such horrible evil.  From the place where these candles burned, there had previously been an unobstructed view of the World Trade Center; the buildings were just a little more than three and a half miles away.  We shall never forget!